Economische waarde van de IJsselmeervisserij : Update 2020

Deetman, Bea; Puister, Linda


This is a follow-up to previous research into the economic value of the IJsselmeer fishing sector (Zaalmink and Deetman, 2021), to which data from 2020 on catches, prices, sums and rights have been analysed and added. The total value of landings from the IJsselmeer fishing sector has increased since 2014 from 2.9 million euros to 6.7 million euros in 2020. In 2020, the largest part of this value comprised pike-perch (42%) and eel (42%), followed by Chinese mitten crab (7%). Standing nets and large eel traps are economically the most important fishing gear for the IJsselmeer fishing sector. The total free market value based on the 2015-2020 period is approximately 18.5 million euros, of which 7.4 million euros for standing nets and 6.3 million euros for large traps. Based on the period 2019- 2020, the free market value is approximately 21.3 million euros, of which 10.2 million for standing nets and 6.0 million for large traps.