Grow with the flow: : Lokale modelsimulaties met SWAP: Modelvalidatie en -verbetering

Dik, Pim; Veldhuizen, Ab


This report describes the use of local models within the Grow with the Flow (GwtF) project. The aim of this is to show farmers the added value of local modelling compared to the regional model approach and to map out for water boards what is needed to model the water system (at plot level). The local models are set up with the SWAP model (Soil, Water, Atmosphere and Plant). The models have been validated for the catchment area of the Aa en Maas water board, where soil moisture has been measured on several locations and other data are available. The validation provides insight into which situations the local model is able to approach reality and also if the local model can be made more field specific. There are many sides to this, including more detail, flexibility in parameterization, the ability to take feedback into account, and more possibilities to calibrate the model (resulting in a better match with measured data).