B-good Beekeepers

Dooremalen, J.A. van; Graaf, Dirk C. de


B-GOOD stands for Giving Beekeeping Guidance by cOmputatiOnal-assisted Decision making. B-GOOD works towards healthy and sustainable beekeeping within the EU. We focus on finding a Health Status Index (HSI, inspired by EFSA's
Healthy-B toolbox 2016), which is a categorization of the health of a bee colony based on various indicators from within and around beehives, and socioeconomic conditions (see fig. 1). Automated data collection using sensors is preferred as it helps create an almost continuous stream of data and consequently changes in the colony will be picked up in an early stage. If the HSI changes alarmingly, an alert will be sent to the beekeeper. Such alerts will guide beekeepers in their beekeeping management. Combining the pursuit of a healthy bee colony with safeguarding the economic viability of the
apicultural business and understanding the ecological balance will make beekeeping more sustainable. B-GOOD aims to provide guidance for beekeepers and help them make better and more informed decisions