Organic contaminants in fertilising products and components materials

Faber, Melvin; Montforts, Mark H.M.M.


The new European Fertilising Products Regulation (EU) 2019/1009 (FPR) enters into force in 2022. With a few exceptions, organic contaminants are not restricted in CE fertilisers. For food/feed intended as component materials, labelling requirements are set with a view to inform the end user to decide whether it can be safely used. Labelling is only required when threshold values are exceeded and not for other component materials. The Dutch Fertiliser Act (DFA) sets more concentration limits to various, but not all, fertilisers. The implementation of the FPR in 2022 provides options to uphold the DFA for national products, and to set provisions to the use of CE products. All combinations of options offer different benefits for producers, end users, administration and environment, and are variably flexible to respond to future developments. Recommendations are made to streamline the control oforganic contaminants for the purpose of reducing waste and valorising nutrients while protecting human health and the environment.