D6.21 Third periodic report on PhD projects

Basu, Piyali; La Ragione, Roberto; Horton, Dan; van der Poel, Wim


The One Health EJP has funded 17 PhDs, and the research focus of the individual PhD projects falls within at least one of the three research domains of the OHEJP: foodborne zoonoses, antimicrobial resistance and emerging threats. The PhD projects provide excellent added value to the OHEJP, including improved integration (both geographical and interdisciplinary), and an opportunity to develop the next generation of scientists in One Health contributing to the sustainability of the One Health approach. Each year, the PhD projects report on the research activities, progress, results, risks, ethics, and impact for the previous 12-month reporting period. A record of the dissemination activities and soft skills training that took place during this period is also reported. This deliverable report contains the 12-month reports for each PhD project for months 25 to 36 (Jan-Dec 2020) of the One Health EJP. The purpose of this deliverable is to monitor, report and disseminate the progress and results that can be shared publicly.