The Socio-Ecological Dimension of Ocean Multi-Use Platforms

Depellegrin, Daniel; Van Den Burg, Sander; Schupp, Maximillian Felix; Johanning, Lars


A Multi-Use Platform can integrate different maritime activities into a single sea area. We propose an analytical framework to investigate the socio-ecological benefits and impacts of potential Multi-Use Platforms designs inthe Mediterranean and North Sea. The framework uses a marine ecosystem services matrix that has the aim to facilitate knowledge sharing on the ecosystem goods and services a Multi-Use Platform can potentially support and interact with. The results highlight that Multi-Use Platforms provide multiple opportunities for energy generation, food provisioning (e.g. recreational fishing, extractive aquaculture) and cultural services (e.g. coastal recreation, diving, research and monitoring). Further research suggests application of quantitative socio-ecological analysis techniques to measure potential synergies and trade-offs among the multiple activities of the platform.