Een perfecte roos is duurzaam geteeld : Onderzoek perfecte roos 2020-2021

Gelder, Arie de; Warmenhoven, Mary; Stoep, Richard van der; Hartog, Ben


Growing a perfect rose requires an integrated approach based on plant physiology, crop health and energy. In the last year of this research, the emphasis was on growing under full LED, with less cooling, but instead high- pressure fogging and on a different way of controlling the mildew. The quality of the roses was better due to better control of the temperature above the crop. A combination spray of molasses of low-dose Collis and daily UV-C treatment was a good start. With sever disease attack treatment with Meltatox was used exceptionally. Aphids turned out to be a persistent pest. At the end of this report, we look back on eight years of research. With only electricity for lighting and a heat pump and CO2 from an external source, fossil-free production is possible. In the process of getting there a lot has been learned.