Efficiënte jaarrondteelt van bramen met LED

Janse, Jan; Klink, Alex van; Weerheim, Kees; Jager, Diede de; Raaphorst, Marcel


In a study conducted by WUR Business Unit Greenhouse Horticulture & Flower Bulbs (WUR) with blackberry, the effects of exposure time and light intensity with LEDs were investigated. The results from this study were compared with measurements by Delphy B.V. on a practical farm with HPS lamps. At WUR, the research was done with the varieties Loch Ness and Von. At an equal daily light sum, long exposure combined with a lower light intensity, increased the production in Von by 4.7% over short exposures with a higher intensity. This
result means lower investment costs in LEDs for the blackberry grower. At a higher light intensity under a long exposure, the production increased even more. The grower with HPS used a clearly different climate regime: 2oC higher temperature, 300 ppm higher CO2 level and an 11% higher light sum was achieved. This shortened the development time and increased production.