Duurzaam perspectief voor melkgeitenbedrijven : Deelrapportage 1e stap: Maatschappelijke wensen en daaruit afgeleide doelstellingen voor verduurzaming

Bondt, Nico; Kortstee, Harry; Splinter, Gerben; Wattel, Cor; Bremmer, Bart


The dairy goat sector wants to work actively on sustainability. In this study, the societal wishes have been inventoried and converted into sustainability goals. Goat farms will have to distinguish themselves in several areas: they have to be a good neighbour to their environment, take good care of the animals and also take care of nature, the environment and the landscape. A sustainable goat farm does not cause any health risks or nuisance, has healthy and happy goats and pays a lot of attention to the landscape and biodiversity. Sustainability should not be a ‘paper tiger’: real goals will have to be achieved. That is why a sound assurance system is needed, so that the goat farms can account for themselves and the expectations are met in practice.