De echte prijs (true price) van mosselen : Echte en eerlijke prijs van duurzame producten – casus mosselen Module natuurlijk kapitaal (water, bodem en lucht)

Hoekstra, F.F.; Poelman, M.; Goglio, P.; Jansen, H.; Bogaart, L. van den


Mussels are known by their low footprint compared to other (in particular animal) protein sources like chicken, pork, beef or other fish species (including shellfish and crustaceans). The key research question is: what is the contribution to the natural capital by the Dutch mussel production and consumption and which economic value (in euros) could be accounted to this contribution? The calculated true price for Dutch mussels is € 4,762 (2021) per kilogram of which € 0,47 climate costs.The positive contributions (true value) by mussels to natural capital via water purification and enriching biodiversity are cumulative monetarized in the total true price as € 0,14 per kilogram of Dutch mussels presented in the consumer market. The methodology of true pricing is based on existing Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). This methodology relies on international standards and scientific literature. Noteworthy is that there is a deviation within this study from the standard approach of true price calculations as the societal benefits and -costs are cumulated to one net true price.