Meijendel research 1953-1960

Hemerik, Lia; Creuwels, Jeroen; Raes, Niels


The dataset contains sampling data of 100 pitfalls that were collected weekly in the Meijendel dune area from March 1953 until March 1960. The dataset contains more than 250 beetle species together with a number of mammal species. The research was done by the Animal Ecology and Plant Ecology group of Leiden University. In particular, drs. G.J. de Bruyn throughout the years has made much effort to empty the pitfalls, identify specimens. In addition, he acted as custodian of the specimen collections and archival records until these could be digitized. Pitfalls were placed in groups of three in replicates of the same set of habitats, running along a gradient from open vegetation dominated by low vegetation (<5cm) and bare sand, through to various stands of woods, groves and shrub dominated vegetations.