Raming van luchtemissies uit de landbouw tot 2030, met doorkijk naar 2040 : Achtergronddocument veehouderij en akkerbouw bij de Klimaat- en Energieverkenning 2022

Vonk, J.; Bruggen, C. van; Lagerwerf, L.A.; Huijsmans, J.F.M.; Luesink, H.H.; Zee, T. van der; Velthof, G.L.


In the context of the Climate and Energy Outlook 2022 (KEV2022), projections for process emissions of greenhouse gases and air polluting compounds from agriculture (animal husbandry and arable farming) were made with the National Emission Model for Agriculture (NEMA). Based on expected developments, emissions to air from enteric fermentation, manure management and agricultural soils were calculated. Respective emissions of methane, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide from calcareous fertilizers and urea, ammonia, nitrogen oxide, particulate matter and non-methane volatile organic compounds are determined for 2025 and 2030, with a look through towards 2035 and 2040.