Value capturing in het landelijk gebied : een verkenning van mogelijkheden en toepassing in vier praktijkvoorbeelden van zonne- en windenergie

Kistenkas, Fred; Kamphorst, Dana


This report is about the opportunities for value capture in rural areas, in particular the possibilities available to municipal councils for imposing requirements concerning nature and the landscape in solar and wind power projects through value capture. Value capture is considered to be a quid quo pro principle: in return for planning consent municipal councils can require developers to invest in nature and the landscape. The most suitable policy instrument for doing this is the anterior agreement, which in principle leaves open which environmental works can be agreed upon (freedom of contract). Practical experience in four projects shows evidence of modest beginnings. To scale up the practice of value capture, we recommend the following: 1) lay down conditions concerning landscape and nature in solar and wind power projects in advance, for example in the environment and planning strategy, and 2) lay down specific arrangements for individual projects (which may be based on a model agreement) in an anterior agreement.