A Simple Model as Design Tool for Low-Ammonia Emission Pig Housing

Aarnink, A.J.A.; Demeyer, P.; Rong, L.


Within this chapter, a simple ammonia emission model is described that can be used as a design tool for low-ammonia housing systems for pigs. Within this model, ammonia emission is calculated by summation of the ammonia emissions of the different sources that can be distinguished within a pig pen: manure channel(s), slatted floor, and solid floor (including fouled pigs and pen partitions). The emission from each source is calculated by multiplying the ammonia emission per m2 emitting area with the emitting area of each source. A general equation is given to calculate the ammonia emission per m2 emitting area. An example of a design study is given for a partially slatted floor housing system for growing-finishing pigs. Ammonia emissions are calculated in kg/y per pig place, in which a certain inoccupation period is discounted. From this study, it is concluded that a simple ammonia emission model can be very useful for designing low-ammonia emission housing systems. Different low-ammonia emission housing systems are now tested in practice. Estimations of the ammonia emissions from these systems have been performed with the simple model described in this chapter. Results from the practical studies can be used to further develop and improve the model.