Legal Requirements on Ammonia Emissions from Animal Production Buildings in European Countries and in Countries at the Eastern Mediterranean

Bjerg, B.; Demeyer, Peter; Hoyaux, Julien; Didara, Mislav; Grönroos, Juha; Hassouna, Mélynda; Amon, Barbara; Bartzanas, Thomas; Sándor, Renáta; Fogarty, Micheal; Klas, Sivan; Schiavon, Stefano; Juskiene, Violeta; Kjosevski, Miroslav; Attard, George; Aarnink, A.J.A.; Lind, Vibeke; Kuczyński, Tadeusz; Fangueiro, David; Marin, Monica Paula; Mihina, Stefan; Verbič, Jože; Calvet, Salvador; Jeppsson, Knut-Håkan; Menzi, Harald; Sizmaz, Ozge; Norton, Tomas; Rogic, Biljana; Nosek, Štěpán; Frolova, Olga; Schauberger, Günther; Penlington, Nigel


This chapter gathers information about the current legal requirements related to the emission of ammonia from animal housing in 24 out of the 27 EU countries and in 7 non-EU countries. Overall, the chapter shows that most of the included countries have established substantial procedures to limit ammonia emission and practically no procedures to limit greenhouse gas emission. The review can also be seen as an introduction to the substantial initiatives and decisions taken by the EU in relation to ammonia emission from animal housing, and as a notification on the absence of corresponding initiatives and decisions in relation to greenhouse gases. An EU directive on industrial emissions from 2010 and an implementation decision from 2017 are the main general instruments to reduce ammonia emission from animal housing in the EU.