A growing interest in horticulture technology in Europe

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15 mei 2012

European growers of vegetables, fruit and flowers are showing increased interest in using innovative techniques, such as sensors, robots or new greenhouse cover materials. Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture was invited to both the SHE Symposium in Angers and the AgriMatics Congress in Paris to talk about the current situation of technology in the Dutch horticulture sector.


Researcher Erik Pekkeriet: "When it concerns the improvement of yield, there is a growing interest in horticulture technology. Up until now, researchers, growers and advisers focused mainly on the plants. Yet the increasingly prevalent understanding is that deploying new techniques will enhance performance a lot more in the horticulture sector. On the other hand, ICT people realise that the sector is leading in the area of automation and robotics. We were asked to provide keynote lectures about innovative techniques in horticulture in two European congresses. These are interesting developments."

All horticulture companies in Europe are currently dealing with issues such as high labour costs, energy saving and reducing the use of crop protection products. Deploying new techniques, such as sensors, robots or other greenhouse coverings, can contribute to finding solutions to these issues. Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture has vast experience in horticulture technology and develops innovative solutions that are focused on local conditions. An example of this is the adaptive greenhouse.


During Smart AgriMatics in Paris on the 13th and 14th of June, Erik Pekkeriet shall address a large group of scientists who work with robotics about the specific technology used in horticulture.  At the SHE Symposium in Angers, the researcher will talk about solutions that technology can offer in the area of labour, energy and the environment.