Ragweed can cause strong allergic reactions

Achtergronden bij onze advertenties

Alert for hay fever plant

Thought that the hay fever season was finally over? Think again! Ragweed, an exotic species from America, blooms in late summer. The pollen produced by this plant can cause strong allergic reactions. Timely removal can inhibit the spread of this plant in the Netherlands and can reduce hay fever complaints in late summer.

Scientists at Wageningen UR developed a free Android app ‘Ambrosia Alert’ to help people recognise, remove and report ragweed. By getting the public involved in combating hay fever, Wageningen UR contributes to improving the quality of life. 

I strongly encourage everyone who has fed birds, chickens or rabbits in recent years to check the environment around the feeding place for the presence of ragweed. If you remove ragweed you avoid exposure to large quantities of hay fever -inducing pollen.
Arnold van Vliet, biologist at Wageningen University’s Environmental Systems Analysis Group


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