Alumna Marloes van der Kamp – MSc Earth and Environment

Marloes started her student life with the Bachelor International Land and Water Management. Here she got introduced in the world of hydrology, crops, erosion, irrigation, governance, etc. After 3 years she decided it was time to get “specialized” and chose the master Earth and Environment with the specialisation Biology and Chemistry of Soil and Water.

While working at the waterboard it becomes so clear that being analytically sharp and social competent can open your world

I was really interested to learn what “good” water quality actually meant… During my bachelor “good” water quality was presented as a summon. To finally learn how you can measure the water quality  and last but not least... can improve the water quality by focusing on biological, chemical and physical processes during my masters was a delight. During my masters I conducted my thesis in the detection of chemical compounds in the sea at Royal NIOZ and my internship on the subject Successes of the river restoration project the Common Meuse at Deltares Utrecht.


After my study  (1st of January 2014) I was lucky to get enrolled in a two year traineeship program called “Waterboardtalent” ( The program was set up by 5 waterboards to attract young graduates for the waterboards and to bridge the gap between education and a future career in the water sector. The program involves 3 successive assignments of 8 months at 3 different waterboards. Two weekly an additional training is provided to boost personal development.

Currently, I am working at waterboard Hollandse Delta with the subject of “Peilbesluiten”. Basically, a “peilbesluit” is a document in which waterlevel interest are weighed and a decision is made for the “optimum” water level.  Daily work involves GIS and data analysis, stakeholder meetings, writing and much more.

I am so happy that in the Earth and Environment programme I was trained analytically on multidisciplinair topics, but also got the opportunity to improve my social skills. While working at the waterboard it becomes so clear that being analytically sharp and social competent can open your world.

From November 2014 on I will start working at Waterboard (Hoogheemraadschap van) Rijnland. Here I will work most probably on Quagga mussels and their impact on the water quality. Rijnland is most interested in the question: What will happen in the future? What should we do?

Although I really like my current job, I am also  looking forward to start working in Rijnland. The new assignment will definitely be a new challenge in which I will both learn new analytical as social skills.  But I am mostly looking forward to the analytical part."