Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS)


Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS)

AMS Institute is a young ambitious scientific institute in Amsterdam. In this institute science, education, government, business partners and societal organizations are working tightly together to create solutions for the complex challenges a metropolitan region like Amsterdam is facing. AMS Institute is active in the fields of research, education and data.

Amsterdam Municipality as initiator and its partners share metropolitan data, and researchers can use Amsterdam as a 'Living Lab'. Among the partners in AMS Institute are TNO, Amsterdam Smart City, Waag Society, Boston Municipality, KPN, Accenture, Alliander, Cisco, ESA, IBM, Shell, AEB, Deltares, Amsterdam Harbour and Waternet.

Together with Delft University and MIT, Wageningen University & Research is the academic heart of AMS Institute. We closely collaborate on research assignments, education opportunities and establishing a data platform.

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Projects of Wageningen University & Research in AMS Institute