Ashok Bhalotra

Ashok Bhalotra

Ashok Bhalotra is ambassador of KuiperCompagnons.

Ashok Bhalotra is ambassador of KuiperCompagnons, a Dutch urban design office in Rotterdam, founded as early as 1916 by Grandpré Molière. Born in India in 1943 and educated in Delhi as an architect and urbanist in accordance with CIAM’s post-war revision, he was trained in practice by Team X. In 1968 he worked for Shadrach Woods on ’The Growing Number’, the Milan Triennale of that year, compiling with him the publication Urbanism is Everybody’s Business. He joined KuiperCompagnons in 1971 and began teaching at Delft University of Technology. His work is a reflection of city form and city life the world over. Bhalotra practises an urbanism that we might call baroque. His geometry is grandiose yet mild: it welcomes variations provoked by the lie of the site and other chance elements. City plans and building types for him present a rich pattern of diversity and contradictions: pleasure and functionality, symbols and rituals, tradition and modernity, the sublime and the banal, order and chaos, reality and dream – all couched in the dialectic of dwelling and travelling. It is the optimistic paradox that to find a true home you must first embrace alienation.

Since end 2009 Ashok Bhalotra is the founder and director of FEWS for More.

Sustainability is the key phrase of FEWS for More. Not only sustainability in the field of energy and use of materials, but also in the social, natural, cultural and economical fields. Worldwide FEWS for More pleads for food, energy, water and shelter for everyone.

Bhalotra has been a crown appointed member of the Dutch advisory board on culture (Raad voor Cultuur ), member of the Dutch advisory board on art, chairman of the Board of the Netherlands Architecture Fund (Stimuleringsfonds voor de Nederlandse Architectuur) and a member of the Board of Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development. He frequently advised Prince Willem Alexander on water issues.

At present he is chairman of the Board of ‘’Kosmopolis’’ in The Hague. This is a non profit institute for international cultural exchanges. He also is an advisory member for social infrastructure of FARU, a non profit organization for remigration to Suriname.

In 2004 he was awarded the ‘’Green Pin’’ of The Architects' Association of Denmark. This prize is given for outstanding work in favour of environmentally sound architecture and urban planning. According to the jury Ashok Bhalotra has attracted worldwide attention because of his striking plans for urban development, landscape planning and conversions of harbour areas to both residential and industrial areas.