Assessing the possibilities of DNA sequencing strategies for the rapid identification of GMOs in food and feed supply chains

Part 1: inventarisation of sequencing approaches that may be used in identification on the basis of genomic DNA.
Part2: Assessing selected strategies on reference samples.

Supervisor: Esther Kok:
Cluster: Novel Foods & Agroketens
Internship number: NFA_2011_03

Possible sub-topics

A) Assessment of the use of DNA and/or RNA sequencing for the detection and characterisation of unapproved (and possibly unknown) GMOs, on the basis of identified GMO elements.

B) Assessment of the use of next generation sequencing (NGS), starting from identified GMO elements, with the aim to identify unapproved GMO events in food and feed materials.

Main techniques

General molecular biological techniques, DNA/RNA isolation, real-time PCR, primer and probe design, BLAST sequence analysis, sequencing strategies, bioinformatics.

analysis (depending on background)

What we are asking

An enthusiastic student with relevant training and knowledge looking for an internship of three months minimal.

What we offer

Expert guidance during the internship.