Award: The Silver Hourglass

Published on
March 13, 2008

On 13 March the Silver Hourglass awards were presented during the Dutch Biotechnology Congress. The education award 2008 was presented to Petra Naber, Arjen Schots and Jaap Bakker for the high school project ‘DNA labs on the road’

Picture: Lisette Groeneveld-Vervloed

DNA-labs on the Road enthuses high school student for Biotechnology
DNA-labs on the road is the high school project of the Dutch Genomics Initiative ( It foresees in the need to treat genomics in a recognizable fashion. The DNA-labs bridges high school education with the newest life sciences insights. The jury was impressed by the set-up and the success of this initiative. DNA-labs on the road has meanwhile reached more than half of all high schools in The Netherlands and over 30.000 high school students. Through this initiative an important group in our society is confronted with biotechnology in an attractive way. In their final report the jury wrote: ‘This leads to an improved insight in genomics and biotechnology, enthuses students to study biotechnology and combines societal aspects with the latest developments in biotechnology”.

Picture: Lisette Groeneveld-Vervloed

The Silver Hourglasses
The Silver Hourglasses is awarded biannually in two categories. The innovation award is granted to researchers or entrepreneurs who apply scientific knowledge within the field of biotechnology in an innovative manner. The education award is granted to lecturers that contributed in a new and original way to biotechnology education. Both awards are used to draw attention to significant biotechnology developments that result in a positive image of this field. Each award comprises € 2.500,== that is made available by the Foundation for Biotechnology in The Netherlands.