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Bas Pedroli about his work at Wageningen Environmental Research

It was not hard for Bas Pedroli to decide what was the most memorable day of the last ten years for him. He immediately mentioned 23 May 2008, the day when he, Dirk Wascher and Marion Bogers jointly organised a seminar entitled Blueprint for Euroscape 2020, on behalf of the LANDSCAPE EUROPE network.

Brussels cares very little about the landscape
Bas Pedroli

'The seminar was an event we had been preparing for years. We were in a late nineteenth-century hotel on the shore of Lago Maggiore in Northern Italy, with a distinguished group of people, including the director-general of a Dutch ministry, the director of the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, the minister for spatial planning and the environment of the Italian Piedmonte Region, and numerous scientists and policymakers from all over Europe. All of them high-level people professionally involved in landscape studies or policies, who had now gathered in a private capacity to discuss the European landscape.

‘With hindsight you could say that it was this seminar that caused us to be taken seriously in various research and policymaking bodies. One of the questions we asked our guests was: what is your own personal relationship with the landscape? This yielded highly spontaneous responses, even from the seasoned politicians. People recounted how they used to play in the area where they grew up, and how the landscape that was so dear to them had changed. The event was a great encouragement for the LANDSCAPE EUROPE network, which intends to provide an interactive platform for landscape researchers and policymakers. The company got on well together, despite their different backgrounds. That seminar resulted in contacts I’m still using today. I think it created a solid basis for coordinating collaborative European landscape research. And I find we’re able to point out the main policy problems.

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