Best European university in Agriculture and Forestry

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10 september 2013

Wageningen University is by far the best European university in the field of Agriculture & Forestry, according to the QS World University Rankings 2013, released on September 10. In the world, Wageningen takes the second place.

Just like last year, the top-3 of the QS ranking in the category Agriculture & Forestry is: 1. University of California - Davis (USA) 2. Wageningen University 3. Cornell University (USA).

Other categories

In the category 'Environmental Sciences', Wageningen University takes the tenth place in the QS world rankings. On Biological Sciences list, the University is placed in the category '51 to 100' (an exact position is not reported). And in the categories 'Economics & Econometrics' and 'Earth & Marine Sciences' QS places Wageningen on place 151-200.

Higher score in overall rankings

Because Wageningen University is specialised in the domain healthy food and living environment, it is difficult to compare the institution with other universities. Nevertheless, the university is placed 150th in the overall QS World University Ranking. That is 11 places higher than in 2012.