: Lloyd Hotel: Yesterday's transshipment hotel, refugee camp and prison, today's boutique hotel and public cultural space


Biopolitics, Governmentalities and Emotional Geographies of Historical Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam

By dr. Chin Ee Ong - Originally established as a grand transhipment hotel in 1921 in the Eastern docklands of Amsterdam, the building has undergone several transformations. From a refugee camp to prison and to boutique hotel, we argue in this project that all these tranformations retained a disciplinary function and that the building continues to serve as a spatial machine of discipline and biopolitical control. In addition to interrogating the disciplinary processes concerning the passengers, migrants, refugees, inmates, juvenile detainees and tourists who (once) took refuge in its hostile/hospitable spaces, we uncover, illustrate and discuss the governmentalities and emotional geographies entwined in such spaces and encounters.

Research Group:
dr. Chin Ee Ong
prof. dr. Claudio Minca

Martijn Felder MSc