Landscape functions and people

Organisator Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation

wo 28 november 2012 tot vr 7 december 2012

Applying strategic planning approaches for good natural resource governance

Integrated natural resources management approaches which start from a landscape perspective are increasingly being recognised and used to ensure more effective resource planning that links grass-roots and community based initiatives with wider national or regional perspectives. The approach aims to overcome some of the scale limitations of community based NRM and focuses on the integration of practices in an attempt to merge ecosystem thinking with multi-stakeholder processes and good natural resources governance. The recognition of various environmental functions and their valuation by various actors, and the use of adaptive management practices and the inclusion of governance principles, are central to the approach.

As the landscape approach is still developing, the course brings together practitioners, policy makers and academics and aims to establish a strong learning network with ongoing projects to link theory with practice. The web based learning environment is an important tool for course participants and alumni to exchange experiences and stay informed about ongoing developments.The course is conducted in close collaboration with RECOFT, Bangkok and includes a four day field practice