Promoting entrepreneurship and agribusiness development

Over 140 million entrepreneurs expect to add at least five new jobs over the next five years. Entrepreneurial activity is flourishing across the globe, and can act as an economic engine. Entrepreneurship is the best hope for reviving a weakened world economy. But entrepreneurs cannot do it alone. They need an enabling environment in which their business can grow. This 14 days course will give insight in the basic requirements on a national level for increasing the level of entrepreneurship.

Organisator Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation

ma 3 november 2014 tot vr 14 november 2014

Enhancing a fertile business climate

Avoiding the pitfalls

It is estimated that 70 to 80 per cent of new businesses end their operations in their first year. And of those that survive, only half will remain in business after five years. However, many of the hurdles and pitfalls a new entrepreneur faces can be avoided.

In this dynamic training programme, you will learn how to address these challenges. It focuses on the things entrepreneurs care most about, and that ultimately affect their bottom line: how to raise money, make money, save money and help others to do so.

Learn from success and mistakes of others

Successful entrepreneurs will be invited to share their experiences, and give you tips on what you need to avoid mistakes they made, and what secrets underlie their accomplishments. Key government officials will explain what the challenges are in creating an environment in which entrepreneurs can flourish. You will meet actors from various agribusiness clusters, including representatives of financial institutes, business service providers and change facilitators. You will learn from the hands-on experience of the actors, and also enlarge the network that will help you build your own business.

Learn to ask the right questions

The training will be built on the entrepreneurial life cycle, based on the background of the participants. Experienced entrepreneurs are faced with different questions than the ones who are in the phase of starting a business. Learning to ask the right questions is key in every phase, both for business owners and supporting organisations.

Target audience

This course is aimed at business owners and representatives from organisations that support entrepreneurship and/or seek to enable an environment in which businesses can flourish.