Vegetable and potato production for emerging markets

The rapid rise of the middle class and retail sales in emerging economies will increase the consumption of vegetables and potatoes. This development offers great possibilities for farmers to strengthen production systems. On the other end of the spectrum vegetables and potatoes can enrich the diets of undernourished people and so contribute to improved food nutrition security. However, the horticultural sector of many emerging countries, which is often highly fragmented and characterized by informal marketing channels, pays little attention to the product quality and safety as compared to the export sector.

Organisator Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation

ma 29 juni 2015 tot vr 17 juli 2015

Production systems for quality

Modern production practices, seed certification, value chain management, viable market channels and a supportive enabling environment are key factors for a successful vegetable and potato sector. Improving production systems as well as input supply systems, seed quality, and implementing value chain management and market access can significantly increase the productivity of the vegetable sector in emerging countries.

This course gives access to the latest insights of world leading Dutch knowledge organisations and private companies that specialise in vegetables and potatoes. The programme covers the complete vegetable and potato chain. Relevant examples from the Dutch greenhouse as well as open field production are demonstrated during the course.

Course objectives

Upon completion you will:

  • have broad expertise on vegetable and potato production, including protected and open field production;
  • have in-depth knowledge of technical, organisational, institutional and socio-economic aspects of vegetable and potato supply systems;
  • know about international standards for good agricultural practices and quality issues in international trade
  • be familiar with general principles of value chain management for fresh vegetables and potatoes;
  • understand the relevant international, institutional and policy developments as well as the relevance to your own country
  • understand the role of multi-stakeholder processes in developing vibrant markets.

Target audience

This course is for technical staff, policymakers, scientists and programme or project managers who want to develop the horticultural industry in general and vegetable and (seed) potato sectors in particular. Participants should be proficient in English, and have at least a BSc degree or an equivalent academic qualification and five years of work experience in a related field.