CVI bacteriology specialist visits South Korea

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22 april 2013

Dr. Hendrik-Jan Roest, Head of the CVI Department of Bacteriology and TSE, will speak at the Korean Veterinary congress and at the Konkuk University in Seoul.

Roest visits South Korea on invitation of QIA, the South Korean Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency. Parts of QIA do the same kind of work as CVI.

On Thursday April 25, Roest will give a presentation at the Korean Veterinairy congress on ‘Coxiella burnetii (Q fever) in the animal reservoirs and the impact on humans’.

At QIA and on the Konkuk University in Seoul Roest will talk about botulism: the diagnostics, control and prevention.

The contact between CVI and QIA started with the visit of two QIA colleagues in February 2012 to learn about growing cultures of Taylorella equigenitalis at the labs of CVI. These bacteria cause CEM (contagious equine metritis), a venereally transmitted bacterial disease of horses. CVI is the OIE reference laboratorium for CEM.