Civil Society Strengthening in Liberia

We investigate the effectiveness, efficiency and relevance of Dutch development support to Liberian NGOs in strengthening civil society. In 2012 we gathered preliminary data, early 2013 we carried out a baseline evaluation. In 2014 we will do a follow-up.

The Special Chair Humanitarian Aid and Reconstruction carries out evaluation research to assess the contribution of Dutch NGOs and their Liberian partners to the development of Liberian civil society. Dutch development agencies receive government funding to strengthen civil society in the global South, in an effort to reduce poverty in a more sustainable way. But what impact does this support actually have in countries such as Liberia?

Theory of change and civil society index

We use different participatory tools in an innovative manner to assess efficiency, effectiveness, and relevance of Dutch funding. Most importantly, we use the Theory of Change and the Civil Society Index.

Baseline and endline

Preliminary data were collected in 2012, and a baseline evaluation was carried out early 2013. In 2014 we will carry out a follow-up evaluation. Included in our sample are 12 Liberian NGOs. Most of them have their offices in the capital Monrovia, but project sites are spread over the country.