Collaborate with our partners in Bangladesh for the development of a Master program Sustainable Agriculture

Are you interested in participatory curriculum development? Would you like to co-develop a Master program Sustainable Agriculture, including the development of Community-Based Learning/Trans-disciplinary case based assignments? Would you like to spend 3 months in Bangladesh and learn how to work in a different environment?

What:  Collaborate with our partners in Bangladesh for the development of a Master program Sustainable agriculture
When:  Early 2014
Where:  Mymensingh, Bangladesh

Project information

The chair group Education and Competence Studies (ECS), is a partner of a NUFFIC funded project called Integrated management of crop-fish-water resources to enhance agricultural production system towards sustainable food security in Bangladesh. This project supports the establishment of an integrated centre for food security in cooperation with Bangladesh Agricultural University and Bangladesh Agricultural Council.

As a result of the job market study conducted in April 2013 it is proposed to develop the following, with the assistance of the present project:

  • MSc Food Security (professional studies). To be taught on weekends over 18 months, targeting mid-career student
  • MSc Sustainable agriculture (internship MSc). To be taught over 18 months, including a 4-5 months internship including preparation period and debriefing/lesson learned.

In this project you will support the curriculum development process for the MSC sustainable agriculture. The Integrated food security centre plans to initially offer two MSc degrees, to start in January 2015 - but the curricula must be finalised by mid-2014, to allow time for the university approval and accreditation process.