Comparison veterinary use of antimicrobial agents among countries

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24 augustus 2012

Recently, Preventive Veterinary Medicine has published a research paper of LEI Wageningen UR, the Technical University of Denmark and Utrecht University about the comparison of antimicrobial exposure based on sales data*.


The paper explores the possibilities of making meaningful comparisons of the veterinary use of antimicrobial agents among countries, based on national total sales data. It includes a detailed comparison of the veterinary use of antimicrobials in Denmark and the Netherlands, per animal species.

Leading reports and scientific articles still express veterinary antibiotic usage in overall averages, based on total sales figures (e.g. Grave et al. in JAC, June 2010, The PVM article concludes that those simple country comparisons entail the risk of serious misinterpretations. An overall country average, whether expressed in mg per kg body mass or in daily dosages (ADD’s), mainly reflects differences in animal demographics, and therefore is unsuitable to indicate and compare antibiotic exposure. For this reason, every country needs some proper form of data collection on species level.

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Full text article (in press): Bondt, N., et al., Comparing antimicrobial exposure based on sales data. PREVET (2012)