Course towards Data-driven Agri-Food Business


Course Towards Data-driven Agri-Food Business

Digitalization, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence provide unprecedented opportunities for food production. The battle for data from farmer to consumer has begun! Data-driven agri-food business requires re-thinking of changing institutional arrangements and fair business models. Concurrently, you have to deal with public concerns about privacy and distribution of power while there is also a strong movement to open up the data and algorithms for sake of food transparency. This course gives insight in Big Data applications and organizational issues concerning new business models for data sharing in agri-food business.

Organisator Wageningen Academy
Duur 2 days
Locatie Wageningen Campus

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Expected autumn 2020.

Practical information
Price Per person, tuition, course materials, coffee/tea/soda and drinks, dinner and 2 lunches.
Max. participants 20
Rating 3.7 (scale 1 to 5)

Why attend this course?

The aim of this course is to gain insight into the state-of-the-art of Big Data applications in agri-food networks. Moreover, related socio-economic and governance challenges are addressed and help you understand how to apply this information in your future practice and business models.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for professionals working in agri-food supply networks and related (public and private) services with an interest in new business development, ICT, marketing and governance (legal). For instance policy makers, business analysts, information managers, project managers and professionals involved in (current or future) data initiatives.

Programme and topics

The course offers an attractive mix of lectures, practical cases and group work supervised by the courseleaders. Together you will explore the future challenges and opportunities of data-driven agri-food business. There will be ample time to interact with the experts and other participants. By attending this course you will get inspired and able to broaden your mind set. The following topics will be discussed;

  • An overview of developments in agriculture and data-driven food production.
  • How data can lead to new business models and consumer markets.
  • Understand how data applications cause shifts in roles and power relations among different players in food supply networks.
  • Know how to cope with governance of data sharing between organisations.
  • Be able to apply this knowledge to your own situation.


The course is given by Dr. ir. J. (Sjaak) Wolfert, Wageningen Economic Research. Involved experts are Drs. ing. M. J. (Marc-Jeroen) Bogaardt and Ing. G. M. (Gerben) Splinter, Wageningen Economic Research.

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