Course incubation biology and hatchery management, 2018 edition


Course Incubation Biology and Hatchery Management

What is the best way to store and treat eggs before incubation? How does incubation temperature influence the development of the embryo? And what are the best practices during the hatching phase? In the last two decades knowledge about incubation has been increased, but still numerous new questions and doubts are present. In the course ‘Incubation biology and hatchery management’, new insights from research and developments in the field are presented. The programme is an excellent opportunity to deepen your knowledge and understanding of incubation biology and hatchery

Organisator Wageningen Academy
Duur 2 days
Setup Campus WUR

Course subjects

The course includes a variety of presentations spread over two consecutive days. The topics are introduced by a number of experts. There will be sufficient opportunity for discussion.

In this course we will pay attention to the following subjects:

• The early biology of the developing embryo
• Pre-incubation and storage factors of eggs
• Incubation temperature during the setter and the hatching phase and consequences for later life
• Alternative hatching systems and early nutrition
• Hatchery hygiene
• Hatchery automation and chick handling

    Target Audience

    The course is aiming at enriching knowledge of professionals (academic level) and is intended for hatchery managers, poultry biologists, incubator manufacturers, engineers, poultry breeding companies, technical managers of poultry integration companies, veterinarians, researchers and teachers in poultry science. Furthermore, participants from the supplying industry and governments are welcome in this course.


    After completing the course, you are updated with the latest scientific insights regarding best practices of incubation biology and hatchery management. Furthermore, you will be able to apply them in your daily
    practice as the knowledge is translated into practical applications.

    Course leaders

    Dr. H. (Henry) van den Brand, Wageningen University & Research
    and Dr. R. (Ron) Meijerhof, Poultry Performance Plus.