Looking back: expert seminar ‘Designing for Urban Climate Adaptation’, April 25th 2013

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11 juni 2013

We had a very inspiring seminar on urban climate adaptation, focusing on the development of guidelines and methods for designers of urban environments. We had guests from Canada, Germany, Latvia and the Netherlands who all brought in their different experiences and backgrounds.
We had very lively discussions about suitable methods to analyse and depict landscape and urban climate.


Another major discussion concerned knowledge dissemination: how can we provide people who design cities with the necessary and suitable knowledge and how can we incite their enthusiasm to implement adaptation? Apart from informing professionals (with books, workshops, videos) we think that one of the best way to achieve this is to educate landscape architecture students about urban climate. When they learn about urban climate and how to design for it in the first years of their Bachelor programmes, ‘thinking’ with urban climate becomes part of their system.

Therefore, one of the major outcomes of this seminar will be a position statement or manifesto that will push the inclusion of the topic ‘climate’ in BSc education.