Development of a robotic system for sweet-pepper production

Development of a robotic system is performed in the EU funded CROPS project.

CROPS will develop scientific know-how for a highly configurable, modular and clever carrier platform that includes modular parallel manipulators and intelligent tools (sensors, algorithms, sprayers, grippers) that can be easily installed onto the carrier and are capable of adapting to new tasks and conditions. Several technological demonstrators will be developed for high value crops like greenhouse vegetables, fruits in orchards, and grapes for premium wines. Wageningen UR Greenhouse horticulture leads the development of a sweet-pepper robotic system which is the demonstrator for greenhouse vegetables.

Most emphasis will be put on harvesting during the development of a robotic system for sweet-pepper production. However other functions such as pruning, attaching plant to supporting wires and planting will be investigated as well. It is expected that learning algorithms, path planning and image processing will become the most involved disciplines in this research. Furthermore, methodological design will be used as a supportive tool to select the components of the robotic system.