Foto: CIAT/Neil Palmer

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Diseased banana quarantined

Destructive fungal diseases threaten the banana industry across the globe. In the Philippines, researchers from Wageningen UR are working on early detection of Panama disease through DNA analysis of soil samples.

If the fungus is present, the area is closed to avoid further spread of the disease. The infected soil can often not be used for banana cultivation for several years. Philippine growers use all kinds of methods to clean the infected soil. The researchers measure whether these measures. This is how Wageningen UR contributes to improving the quality of life.

dr. ir. ing. Gert Kema
Our team of researchers has developed a test to quickly identify the fungal strain that causes Panama disease. We can also use it to measure the amount of fungi in the soil and to check whether drainage water is contaminated. We can help farmers isolate, treat and slow down an epidemic, in the Philippines and in other places where this problem exists.
dr. ir. ing. Gert Kema

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