Food Safety Management

Distance learning course: Food Safety Management

This programme is offered by the European Chair in Food Safety Microbiology, Laboratory for Food Microbiology at Wageningen University & Research. The courses in this programme are currently blended in the curriculum of the MSc in Food Safety, MSc food technology, and MSc Biotechnology at Wageningen University & Research. However, individual external players and organisations providing academic or professional training globally may want to take benefit of this unique resource.

Why this programme?

Agri-food products are marketed over an ever-wider area and as a result the reliance on robust management systems that assure the safe and hygienic production of food in the international as well as national context has increased considerably. The operation of such management systems in the course of food product development and production by agri-food companies requires skilled personnel with up-to-date knowledge of hazards possibly associated to food, hygiene in food production, food safety management systems, preservation approaches and monitoring methods. Appropriate skills are also required for staff or competent authorities overseeing the implementation of systems for food safety assurance systems in their country and for academics teaching future generations of food safety professionals in the private or public sectors.

The information on food safety management systems and other aspects of food safety assurance in this distance learning programme are largely based on internationally accepted principles and guidelines established by intergovernmental authorities (such as those of Codex Alimentarius), that are subscribed to many competent authorities in the world and also keep to best practices established in the wider food industry. The programme focuses on the management of microbiological hazards, though physical and chemical hazards are considered where appropriate.


The courses in this program are meant to provide good awareness of the concepts and terminology underlying specific aspects of food safety management. They are more for the generalist than for the specialist. They can be used as part of continuous professional development, e.g. in combination with more specialized courses and, importantly, offer self-learning opportunities.

The Food Safety Management programme consists of the following courses

  1. Food Related Hazards
  2. Good Hygienic Practices
  3. HACCP
  4. Hygienic Design
  5. Food Preservation
  6. Sampling & Monitoring

The courses have a final test; upon successful completion of the final test a Certificate of Participation will be issued.