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Dutch Minister Lilianne Ploumen visits Seed Potato project in Kenya

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27 november 2013

The Dutch Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation, Mrs. Lilianne Ploumen, recently visited Kenya on an official trade mission. Accompanied by a delegation of 25 Dutch she met with the Kenyan Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Koskei, to discuss various issues regarding the agricultural sector.

Public-private partnership initiative

The Centre for Development Innovation (CDI), Wageningen UR is managing a Dutch-Kenyan public-private partnership initiative to support seed potato development in Kenya. With potato being the second most important food crop in Kenya, and being an efficient growing crop, support to seed potato development is strategic for the sector’s further development, for its potential to address food security as well as its wider linkages to agribusiness development.

Seed potato development

Part of the meeting between the two ministers was to discuss the results and state of affairs of the Seed Potato project. Mrs. Ploumen mentioned that it runs satisfactorily. She handed over a basket with four new Dutch potato varieties that have passed the national performance tests and are officially registered in Kenya.

Mr. Koskei stressed the focus on potatoes, the importance of developing the Kenyan potato chain with more involvement from the private sector, and the role of government to create an enabling environment.

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