Economic chain analysis

A timely economic analysis of a biomass supply chain allows us to make an assessment of financial feasibility and uncertainties.

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research supports governments and companies with economic analyses of biobased economy production chains

Economic analysis in practice

The economic analysis starts with a preliminary draft of the the process or process chain. The prices of raw materials, products and operations are compared in different scenarios. If a positive balance exists, we make a rough estimate of the costs of the process, such as maintenance costs and labour. In combination with the data from the preliminary draft, we can then make a statement about the economic feasibility of the process or chain.

Profitable biomass chains

The economic analysis makes clear which financial preconditions a new biomass chain must meet in order to be profitable. This helps to steer relevant technological developments. It is often important, for instance, to reduce biomass in size or separate it on the spot in order to minimise transportation costs. This local treatment affects the entire chain (transport, processing, by-products). The economic chain analysis by Wageningen Food & Biobased Research facilitates governments and businesses in making important decisions on investments in innovation and development.