Engineering the Food factory of the future

The E.C PicknPack Project, coordinated by Wageningen UR, organizes on 31 October in congres centre Hof van Wageningen, the first technical workshop, titled Engineering the Food factory of the future.


do 31 oktober 2013 08:30

Locatie Hof van Wageningen

The PicknPack concept offers the food industry the benefits of automation – cost reduction, greater hygiene and more efficient use of resources – combined with the unique ability to adapt to the product and batch size at hand. PicknPack will give the European food industry a vital competitive advantage in the rapidly changing marketplace of the future, where customers demand more quality, more choice and more safety for lower prices.

A number of industrial speakers will review the current state of the art in the deployment of automation techniques in food manufacturing and a detailed exposition will be given on the expected benefits of the technology developed in the PicknPack project.

See the website of PicknPack for the program and registration.