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Telephoning in English & Front Desk Interaction

Do you work in an international environment in which English is used on a regular basis? Our Business English modules are just the thing for you if you want to improve your English for professional purposes. We will teach you how to express yourself more fluently, correctly and confidently, both orally and in writing. This will do wonders for your functioning in an international context. These are practical modules, which aim to improve your English skills and focuses on using English in your work situation.

Target group

This course is designed for people whose jobs entail frequent oral and/or written communication in English.


We offer  4 modules
  • Telephoning in English & Front Desk Interaction
  • Emailing in English
  • Intercultural & Interdepartmental Communication
  • Speaking Skills        


Telephoning in English & Front Desk Interaction

This module focuses on front desk employees wanting to improve their English. This module is suitable for the professional who would like to practise i.e. answering questions (on the telephone) and improve their overall fluency in English.

Emailing in English

This module focuses on improving your writing skills. During this module you will learn to write formal letters and emails in English, such as letters of confirmation, invitations or answering questions in a structured and professional way.

Intercultural & Interdepartmental Communication

This module aims to improve your intercultural competences, focusing on day-to-day applicability.  During this module you will learn more about communicating effectively in an international business environment and leading culturally diverse teams.

Speaking Skills

Optimizing your fluency. A native speaker will guide you to better speaking skills.


All modules consist of 4 sessions of 2 hours each, once a week. In addition to the classes, you will be spending 2 to 3 hours on homework each week.

Please ask us for the schedule of each module for more information.

Days and times

These modules start twice a year, in October and May. The schedule for May:

Module Tijd Sessie 1 Sessie 2 Sessie 3 Sessie 4
Telephoning in English & Front desk interaction 10.30-12.30 27-mei 3-juni 10-juni 17-juni
Emailing in English 10.30-12.30 5-juni 12-juni 19-juni 26-juni
Intercultural & Interdepartmental Communication 10.30-12.30 26-mei 2-jun 16-juni 30-juni
Speaking Skills 16.00-18.00 5-jun 12-jun 19-jun 26-jun

Classes take place on the Wageningen UR Campus, in the Forum building.

Course material

  • Telephoning in English & Front Desk Interaction
    Collins for Business English. Speaking ISBN: 9780007423231
  • Emailing in English     
    Email English. ISBN: 9780230448551
  • Intercultural & Interdepartmental Communication      
    Collins for Business English. Listening ISBN: 9780007423217
  • Speaking Skills
    Collins for Business English. Speaking ISBN: 9780007423231


You will receive a Wageningen in’to Languages certificate upon completion of each module.

Admission requirements

Module required OOPT score
Telephoning 40-70
Emailing in English 50-80
Interc. Communication > 60
Speaking Skills > 70

To make sure everyone is placed in the right course, new course participants are obliged to come to our office and take a free placement test (Oxford Online Placement Test). Please call 0317-482552 to schedule an appointment to take the placement test.

Fees 2014

€ 240,- per module

Course registration

You can register at the desk of Wageningen in’to Languages, Forum building room 118.

More information


T: +31 317 48 2552