Ethics, Design and Planning of the Built Environment: A book launch seminar

Basta C. and S. Moroni, Eds., Springer, 2013

With contributions of: Ernest R. Alexander; Carol D. Barret; Timothy Beatley & Marc Bekoff; Stefano Moroni & Francesco Chiodelli; Stanley M. Stein & Thomas L. Harper; Claudia Basta; Stefan Koller; Bert van Wee & Piet Rietveld; Sabine Roeser; Lara Schrijver; Emily Talen; Jeroen van den Hoven

Organisator Wageningen School of Social Sciences (WASS), Land Use Planning

do 12 december 2013 09:30

Locatie Gaia, building number 101
Droevendaalsesteeg 3
6708 PB Wageningen
+31 317 48 16 00
Zaal/kamer Rooms 1-2 (main hall)
The book proposes a set of original contributions in research areas shared by planning theory, architectural research, design and ethical inquiry. Aim of the seminar is discussing some of these emerging interdisciplinary lines of inquiry further by means of an open panel discussion. You are cordially invited to take part to the program on Thursday, 12th December 2013:

Opening (9.30 – 10.00):

Arnold van der Valk, Adri van den Brink & Claudia Basta

Land Use Planning Group, Environmental Sciences Department, WUR

Discussion panel (10.00 – 13.00 with coffee break):

Ernest R. Alexander

Emeritus Professor of Urban Planning at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (US); Principal of APD-alexander planning and design, Tel Aviv (Israel)

Stefano Moroni

Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies, Milan Technical University (Italy)

Claudia Basta (moderator)GAIA Building, Rooms 1 – 2 (main hall)

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