Everything about turfgrass

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17 mei 2013

Have you always wanted to know everything about the different types of grasses on golf courses? That's possible. Launched in April, the website offers information about turfgrasses.

The information for the website is provided by the Groen Kennisnet collection. To access this information, go to the website and select 'Golfbanen' (Golf courses) and then click on the image 'Grassen' (Grasses). The search terms will automatically appear in the search window. Click on search and you can find more than 100 informational resources from the Groen Kennisnet collection.

This new knowledge portal is an initiative from the Special Chair Turfgrass Sciences currently being established at Wageningen University. Wageningen UR Library employees ensured that the portal could use a search window and the Groen Kennisnet collection. Each week the collection is updated with new articles and reports.

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