Publication in Applied Geography

Land degradation, especially water erosion and nutrient depletion, seriously affects agricultural production in the Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia. Read the publication concerning this issue in Applied Geography.

Farmers' investments to conserve their land are until now however quite limited. The objective of this study is to identify the major factors that determine farmers' decisions how much and where to invest in land management. Exploratory factor analysis and Pearson correlation were used to analyse the data from 240 households operating 738 plots in three different production domains. The study identified five major factors that influence farmers' decisions how much to invest in land management: (1) households' resource endowments, (2) farming experience and knowledge, (3) access to information, (4) social capital and (5) availability of family labour.

Adimassu Teferi, Z.; Kessler, C.A.; Hengsdijk, H. (2012), publication in Volume 35, Issues 1–2, November 2012, Pages 191–198.

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