Blockchain in Agrifood


Food Integrity Blockchained Case 5

In this 5th meet up we track coconuts from Indonesian farms to The Netherlands and learn how blockchain helps to verify fair payments to farmers. Also, the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority will highlight their key issues in food integrity.

Organisator Food Integrity Blockchained

do 2 november 2017 17:30 tot 21:00

Locatie Click here for the livestream


Wageningen University & Research will be filming the event and it will be livestreamed. You can come to the meetup (please register at or watch it live from any other place.

17:30 Welcome to meet & greet the network
18:00 The Blockchain Quiz
18:30 Case 5: Coconut on provenance | FairFood
19:30 Food and drinks
20:15 Food integrity | NVMA
20:45 Pitching Floor
21:00 Blockchain café