Food production atlas

Both the world's population and the demand for food are going to be subject to a large increase in the next forty years. Together with colleagues from the US and local experts, scientists at Wageningen UR are putting together an atlas that will give insight into agricultural production.

The atlas will compare potential agricultural yields and will indicate where each crop grows best. North-Ghana can, for example, double corn production. This week, six hundred scientist will meet in the Netherlands to pave the way for more food security in the world. This is how Wageningen UR contributes to improving the quality of life.
The atlas tries to transparently map where additional food production can be realised in the upcoming decades. During new projects, we also try to indicate which measures are necessary to reduce so called 'yield gaps': it mostly concerns the availability of inputs such as fertiliser, but also markets, knowledge and infrastructure.
Martin van Ittersum

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