Farmers pick Arabic coffee beans

Achtergronden bij onze advertenties

Fraud-free organic coffee

Wageningen Food Safety Research allows a machine to 'sniff' coffee aroma to distinguish between organic and regular coffee.

Consumers cannot distinguish organic coffee from ordinary coffee, whilst organic coffee is much more expensive – a situation which makes fraud enticing.

Researchers at Wageningen University & Research developed a test that can separate regular coffee from its organic counterpart. They analysed the characteristic pattern of the volatile substances and compared different types of coffee. The test allows authorities to detect fraud quickly and efficiently, ensuring that consumers get the organic coffee they paid for. This is how Wageningen University & Research contributes to improving the quality of life.

Our research team is searching for the fingerprints of compounds naturally present in food that are characteristic of the product, production method or origin and which can then be used to verify the authenticity of the product.
Saskia van Ruth, Professor of Food Authenticity and Integrity, Wageningen Food Safety Research, part of Wageningen University & Research

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