Gene expression profiling, transcriptomics

Supervisor: Esther Kok:
Cluster: Novel Foods & Agroketens
Internshipnumber: NFA_2011_04

Gene expression profiling can be used to assess novel foods with relation to foods with a history of safe use. The approach gives a holostic view of all that might be different and is therefore more complete than the traditional dedicated approach. Challenges are biological knowledge needed for interpretation and the statistical analysis of huge datasets.

Possible sub-topics

Several studies related to GMO, natural variation or known natural antinutrients are frequently done.

Main techniques

General molecular biological techniques, DNA/RNA isolation, microarray analysis, real-time PCR, primer and probe design, BLAST sequence analysis, in specific projects: sequencing strategies, bioinformatics.

What we are asking

An enthusiastic student with relevant training and knowledge looking for an internship of three months minimal.

What we offer

Expert guidance during the internship.