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Genome Assembly of 153 Tomatoes: From raw data to species comparison


The cluster bioinformatics at WUR/PRI is in engaged in the assembly, annotation and comparison of 153 Tomatoes. Being 4 of them de novo assembly and 149 mapping containing 60 RILs and crossings of the 4 parental lines.

This huge Next Generation Sequenced dataset opens a huge number of possible analyses. For that, we need to test several assembly methods and streamline its application in search of the most suitable method to assembly and analyse this data.

We are searching for an organized person with intermediate (preferably advanced) experience in programming (any language, scripting preferred), basic knowledge in biology/bioinformatics, self-driven and with good communication skills.


  • Test several assembly programs and evaluate their results;    Select in a scientific form the best program and script it to automatic run;
  • Make a pipeline with selected programs with user friendly reports;


Dr. Sander Peters


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